PTE Reading & Writing Fill in the blank

PTE Reading & Writing- Fill In The Blanks: Tips To Master This Task

April 28,2020

PTE (Pearson Test of English), tests your enabling and communicative skills through four different sections. And PTE Reading is one such task where a bit of understanding and cleverness can help you score better in this section.

All the tasks except the Reading & Writing fill in the blanks task are do-able; this task needs you to be attentive. As scoring in this task is a bit difficult because of the tricky options given in the answers. Moreover, special care is to be taken as this task also contribute towards your marks in the writing section.

If you are targeting a 90 in the PTE exam you got to understand this task thoroughly; let us do it.

PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the blanks:


In this task, you will be given a paragraph of around 80 words- 300 words on general topics with four blanks generally with a list of options to choose the answer from.

You get approximately 5-6 questions in this task; for which it is advised that you spend 2 minutes per question. As there is no negative marking, choose the answer if you are confident else you can let go the question.

Skill: You are assessed on your ability to choose the correct answer that fits rightly as per the meaning of the text.

The three things you need to master this task are:

  1. Grammar
  2. Collocation
  3. Understanding the text 


To answer the Reading and writing fill in the blanks task efficiently, your grammatical skills are to be excellent. You should make proper use of verbs, noun, adjectives, tenses as this will help you understand the complex and compound statements given in the text.

A few combinations of sentences that might help you understand better are:

  • Perfect tenses with the third form of the verbs.
  • 1st form of verb+ Future Tense+ Present tense, for example, I Would fight if you provide me with the gun.
  • Simple present tense often has a subject (singular + 3rd person) and the first form of the verb.
The use of proper grammar is a must as you might get the same option as an answer with a different form of nouns.


The collocation is a group of words that are used together or say they occur together. The use of collocation is necessary to make the sentence sound more natural. For this, your choice of words should be very accurate and proper. To make the right choice of words, you must know the difference between their synonyms and their meanings. You can make use of the semantic words to make your sentence more meaningful and logically developed. To make the usage of the collocations, your vocabulary should be excellent; you should know the maximum synonyms for a single word to help you choose the right word that occurs together.

3. Understanding the text

Understanding a text is essential to know the meaning it wants to convey. You should understand what the topic is about, what is the purpose of the text etc. and then proceed further.

Once you understand the text you will be able to filter out the options given in the question; it will help you out to find the clues that lead to the correct answer, you can also find the commonly used phrase that goes correctly with the answer for the blanks.

If you understand the task, you will be able to find out the keywords.

To sum up, the process to answer this task is:

  • Read the entire task
  • Focus on the word choice
  • Understand the context use collocation, semantic words and focus on the grammar
  • Select the best option for the answer


To answer this task, you need to practice as much as you can because if you do not understand the words, then you are left only with the guesswork that might let you in trouble.
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The three mantras you should follow to score high in the PTE Reading & Writing Fill in the blanks are:

Good Grammar + Use of Collocations + Understanding the text.