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PTE Reading - Tips To Excel In The Multiple Choice Questions Task!

May 29,2018

PTE Academic Reading modules have 2 tasks that is Multiple choice choose single Answer and Multiple Choice Choose Multiple Answers. Many test takers struggle with these tasks while for many it is a cake walk. While providing the assessment services, we have noticed that quite a lot of students face troubles with this task.

So, to decode the best strategies to approach this task, you must first understand what is the task requirement. These tasks are there to check purely your reading skills. In this task, you will have a passage, a question with multiple choice of answers. Now you must read the passage carefully to get the correct answer. Thus, it is evident that it tests you're your ability to read and comprehend a given text. You must know the meaning of words and understand the information the passage is trying to pass, what the question is asking and what the options mean. It is actually not too difficult!

Remember, you need to locate certain information and verify if that matches with the options. If yes, that is your answer. If no, just eliminate that option.

Having understood the basic requirement, let us take you forward with how to attempt these tasks, the tips and strategies for the same.

Common Tips For Multiple Choice Type Questions

  • Always read and understand the question first.
  • Try to develop a reading habit where you learn new words every day.
  • The texts are generally from the subjects of humanities, natural sciences, or social science.
  • You must look for keywords in the question and the text as well as the options.
  • Pay attention to any nouns, dates, adjectives, activities or any repeated activity mentioned.
  • Do not skip the question under any circumstances.
  • Do not spend any more than 1.5 to 2 minutes on answering the question.
  • Remember if you are unfamiliar with the topic, you must concentrate on understanding whatever you can. Do not worry about the subject too much.
  • Once you have selected an answer. Visit all the other options again and check them against the question to make sure they are incorrect.
  • Check what the question states:

For instance:

According to the passage, what is the reason……?

Here, the question is asking you to find a particular information. Look for specific words, numbers, events or similar words.

The author's main idea here suggests that ………….

The main idea means the gist of the text. Look for an option that gives the overall meaning of the text. You can read the topic sentences to get quick idea.

According to the writer, ……………….

The question is asking the writer's opinion on specific detail. Make sure to look at the text and understand the information that gives the writer's point of view. The answer can also lie in the conclusion.

Why does the ………….

The word why itself means it is asking for some reason. Look for the reason to an occurrence. Pay attention to particular event or incident mentioned in the text.

As there are two types of multiple choice questions, let us look at each one separately.

Tips for Multiple Choice Choose Single Answer (PTE Reading)

This one is a little difficult than its counterpart. You are given a passage, a question and around 4-5 options for answers to select from. The text/ passage could be up to 110 words. There is just one right answer to the question! Around 2-3 questions of this type can be asked and there is not partial credit or negative marking.

Now, majority of the test takers have the doubt whether to read the passage first or the options! Déjà vu? We get it.

  1. You must read the Question first!! Always!
  2. Reading the question first will help you determine the what information you have to look for in the passage. And eventually the right choice of answer.
  1. Skim the text
  2. Quickly read through each and every sentence of the text to get a generalised gist. This way you will come to know what the passage is all about.
  1. Carefully analyse the options
  2. Look at the available options and see if you read similar information in the text. If so, make a mental note of it.
  1. Go with elimination strategy
  2. Eliminate the options that are far from being the correct answer. Once you read them you will know. For instance, the options that are talking about some different subject or object altogether. Also, sometimes the timelines can help find out the incorrect ones.
  1. Finalise on the answer. Do not Skip!
  2. At times you can be confused as to what the correct answer is. At that time, look at the question again and then the passage. You will get the answer. In any condition, do not leave the question unanswered. It might be possible that you come across an unfamiliar word. Skip it and do not waste much time on it if you are not getting the meaning.
  1. Try to answer the question within a maximum of 2 minutes!
  2. Time management is a major key to success in PTE. We have stressed that time and again. So, make sure that you spend around 1.5 minutes on the question. Definitely, not more than 2 minutes.

Tips for Multiple Choice Choose Multiple Answer (PTE Reading)

A fairly simple task, you must not face much difficulty in answering these type of questions. Again there is one passage/text, question and around 5-6 options. Now, the text here can be longer, up to 300 words. The score is given based on partial credits and you can expect around 2-3 questions of this type.

  1. Understand the question
  2. The first and foremost thing you must do here as well is to read the question first. Understand what the question is and note certain keywords.
  1. Skim the text
  2. The text can typically be longer in these type of question. So, make sure you go through it quickly. And note if there is any information matching in the question.
  1. Look carefully at the options
  2. Go through the options thoroughly. As there are multiple answers to the question, try and match the information in the question as well.
  1. Apply elimination strategy
  2. Again, you must just straightaway scrap the options that are absolutely unrelated to the question. It is important that you understand the statements well. Pay attention to any numbers or events if mentioned.

The tasks are simple and the tips you have to use are straight-forward. Now, what you need to do is conscious practice. If you commit a mistake, then go back to what you did while answering the question. Take note of the mistake and ensure to avoid it the next time. With active preparation, you will definitely get the task right. You can also try out the sample questions on our PTE Tutorials Android and iOS app. Yes, there are plenty of them for you to perfect this task!