Read the text and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses. More than one response is correct.

Kleptomania is a behavioural and to some extent mental disorder in which the person has an excessive desire to steal something even if the thing is not at all needed by him/her. It doesn’t end here, rather while doing it the person feels relieved and stress-free but later feels a strong sense of fear of getting caught and remorse to have performed the action. Such is the vicious cycle of this socially embarrassing disorder. Episodes of kleptomania happen without any planning and there is no personal gain involved. The articles stolen may later be placed back, or given to someone else. So, it’s not out of need or greed that a person performs kleptomania. It’s a disorder that needs proper medical attention. If someone is facing this compulsive stealing disorder then rather than hiding it and living in the fear of getting caught, it’s better to discuss it with family and seek a solution without being defensive.


Which of the following are true statements about kleptomaniacs?