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Things That Obstruct You from Achieving Your Required Score in PTE: Part II

November 24,2017


"Friend 1: Hey! What's up? When are you going abroad for studies?

Friend 2: God knows!

Friend 1: What happened? Why do you look so sad?

Friend 2: Because of English. I appeared for the PTE Test but failed to acquire the required score.

Friend 1: Why?

Friend 2: ……………… (hanging the head in shame)"

The common issue that most of the aspirants face: Not achieving the desired score in PTE Academic.

It might be anxiety, stress or misconceptions regarding the PTE Exam that candidates go through. Or it might be the obstacles that aspirants get buried under. Well, let's start from where the mistakes initiate and how it creates a chain thereafter.

"Friend 1: Have you started your PTE practice?

Friend 2: Yes. I am finding some good practice materials from Internet.

Friend 1: Great!! But, wait! Do you have an appropriate plan to work on?

Friend 2: No!!"  

This is where the chain of mistake initiates from.

Failed in setting a Goal!


This won't be the first time you have heard someone talk about the importance of goal. And, definitely it's not going to be the last time!

Well, having a proper understanding of setting goals and knowing how to set them, certainly plays a significant role in achieving great things in your life.

Same is true with your PTE Exam preparation.

If you haven't set a goal, you would obviously lack in conscious practise. So, you would practise randomly. But, as the date of your exam approaches near, you will realise "Oh, God! Yet too many different type of same category question are left to be referred!" Now, this is exactly the point where you enter into panic mode and knowingly or unknowingly indulge into blind practices.

Have you already adapted to Blind Practices?

Blind practices do not refer to superstitious beliefs. It refers to your way of practising for your PTE Test.

Having the woes that you are left with so much to practice, you start preparing rigorously; forgetting that you need to self-evaluate your progress. Without self-evaluation you would never be able to improve your performance. You would not know about your strengths and weaknesses. This will degrade your score.

Unable to determine the Quality of Material

You begin referring various materials that are handy and those available online without determining whether -

  • The practice material is trustworthy or not
  • You can really apply the tips in your actual PTE Test or not
  • All the pro strategies will work for you or not

Suppose, you picked up a technique provided in the material. Applied it in some of the questions while practising. It did not work for you. Then, why do you forcefully want that strategy to work for you?

Getting Stuck is Not a Problem. Staying Stuck is.

Even though a method is proven to work, it might be possible that it won't function properly for you. Just as all fingers are not same, all strategies can't be applicable for everyone.

If one approach is not bringing you fruitful result, try another one. What you do instead is you stay stuck, thinking "My friend used multiple synonyms in the 'Essay Writing' question of PTE Writing and achieved a good score. Why was I unable to acquire that score even after using ample amount of synonyms in my Essay?"

Relax!! It might be possible that your friend had adequate knowledge of using the synonyms at the right place but you were incapable of doing it. Thus, it is unnecessary to compare yourself with your friend.

Comparisons!! Another Obstacle in your Way to Success

PTE Tutorials

Comparing and setting benchmarks without taking into consideration the approach will lead you nowhere. It will cause you to fall down a rabbit hole.

Let's consider a case where your friend or classmate achieved an overall score of 70 in the PTE Exam. However, you just got 45 even after working hard!

Just think, is it that much important to acquire a score that your friend achieved?

This habit of comparison lowers your self-confidence and consequently, you end up losing what you have learnt. You start doubting the guidance that you received from your tutors and ultimately yourself. And then, you test and try any or every approach that comes your way which may or may not work as effectively.

Have you become aware of the obstacles that you overlook or which might stop you from achieving your target PTE Score?? Not Yet???

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