PTE Academic Tests

Why has PTE emerged as the preferred option amongst aspirants wanting to study or settle abroad?

November 17,2017

When you plan to move out to a new country, you know that along with the amazing benefits you the need to adapt in the new environment. To make the transition smooth, it is good to try best for blending in the culture and learning effective communication.

One of the major means of communication is language. When you are intending to move to some other country with either the purpose of studying or settling, you must have the working ability to converse in the country's native language. Thus, when you plan to go to any English-speaking country, for better experience and trouble-free stay, it only makes sense to have some set standards, where you are required to have a certain level of English language proficiency. To showcase your level you need to appear for an English language test.

Pearson Test of English is one such official test that you can appear for to provide the proof of this language proficiency. In the past few years, PTE Academic has emerged to be the preference of most aspirants who need to give English competency test. It is accepted worldwide by educational institutes and also by the government of Australia, New Zealand and Canada for Permanent Residency applications.

About PTE Test

It tests four major language skills of the test taker dividing the test into four major sections; they are Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. The factors to judge these skills are content, form, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, general linguistic range, development, structure and coherence. Each section has different types of questions. Majority of the questions have set time limits and some have collective time limit. Moreover, certain questions if answered incorrectly award you with a negative mark. The assessment system of the test is automated with help of refined technology and high end intelligence.  The score you received are on a scale of 0-90 which can be converted to the equivalent band and CEFR level.

Benefits of PTE

The test has certain benefits that cannot be overlooked.

  • The test is of almost three hours in total and has to be completed at a stretch in a day.
  • Integrated testing system with no human intervention in the evaluation process eliminates the factor of varying levels of judgements.
  • The test results are issued within 5 business days.
  • It is accepted globally and thus doesn't limit your options for choice.
  • The test dates are available 360 days a year and there are almost 250 test centers in 50 countries.
  • In the writing section, you do not have to worry about your illegible hand writing and in the speaking section you need not get nervous about facing an invigilator.
  • The choice of sending the score report to as many institutions as you want as there is no additional fee for it.


All good things come with certain challenges and so does the PTE test. Some of the crucial ones are:

  • You need to become comfortable with using a computer system with microphone and headphones.
  • Managing the time that is ticking during the test and keeping your calm.
  • Adjusting with noise in the exam center during the listening and speaking sections and focusing on your answers.
  • Having a good typing speed to finish the essay writing task in the stipulated time period.
  • Finding good resources and practice materials.
  • Effectively applying the available tips and strategies.
  • Knowing exactly how the scoring is done to prepare for band 8 equivalent scores.

Overcoming the challenges

It is possible to convert these hurdles into opportunities. Let's find out how.

  • The first thing you must do is get a complete understanding of the test.
  • The next step is to get the experience of the test by practising mock tests.
  • After you have become familiar with the test, it is time to assess your merits and shortcomings. You can do that with test evaluation services.
  • Set your target goal and make a study schedule.
  • Post that you need to focus and work strategically on the weak areas be it skills or time. The more you practice the less time you are going to take.
  • Try meditation. Yes, you need to be calm for this test in ordered to have that optimum level of concentration and efficiency.
  • Apply the tips and strategies you learnt and if you are unable to do so, there is no harm in seeking expert assistance.

The many recommended actions have been effective for many test takers for getting high score in the PTE Test. Thus, you can also start immediately and get yourself rolling into the preparation to finally hit your target score.

PTE Test Result and its impact

The result that you get after the organised practise and effort that you put in will benefit you. In case you are aspiring for further education, high scores will make you eligible for amazing scholarships. If you are looking to obtain PR Visa then high scores will make your application stronger and thus, increase the chances of visa success.